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Re: REVIEW - Jan 6th SF

Compared to the Tempe gig NQ was a lot more solid on the 6th show. Reading this morning, it was refined even more for last night's show. I was impressed with 'Nardo's vocals on Wednesday. Maybe it was because I was in a venue vs. the Tempe gig but he was pulling off sustained lyrics that I hadn't heard him do in previous shows I attended. Was glad to see that Adam's talk box actually worked for Jambi. Missed the Vicarious bit because I pulled myself out of the meat press crowd at the barricade right after Aenima. Pulled back to the sound board and talked with Rynne's sis and her beau for a bit so missed out on the Vicarious bit. Overall loved the gig. Only regret was that I didn't take a balcony seat to enjoy the visuals.
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