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Re: REVIEW - Jan 6th SF

That was intense! Here are some random highlights:

* No Quarter is amazing to hear live for the first time.
* Parabol/a still sounds really tight too. Glad it's reappeared in the setlist.
* Justin got a little playful winding up the crowd before cutting in to start his part in Schism. A nice little live moment addition.
* Opiate featured the same expanded middle section from Tempe's show. Just seems like an opportunity to play/experiment with cool new sounds. It's a nice bonus.
* Aenema was fucking impressive! The whole visual/aesthetic experience. Loved it.
* Descending sounds so carefully crafted and just blended in to start Jambi. Not sure everyone knew straight away that Adam had started Jambi. No pause between songs...
* 46 & 2 (See above re Aenema)
* Vicarious - Maynard actually/finally sang the whole "Vicariously I live while the whole world dies; much better you then I" ending completely unaided. It adds so much to climax of that song. Got so sick of him not doing over the last decade.
* Stinkfist (See above re 46 & 2).

Those three Aenima staples (Aenema, 46 & 2, Stinkfist) are completely perfect in my opinion. Yes, I know they've been playing them for 20 years now but everything just works i.e. visuals, mixing, colours, lasers etc. I'm not sure I''ll ever grow tired of those songs...

Overall, it was a tight performance with a few new splashes or 'teases' of new material thrown in. The band members seem really positive & full of spirit. Looked like the really enjoyed being back on stage but also display great pride in their body of work.

Maynard even stands back in some songs and just watches Adam, Justin & Danny play a well-coordinated heavy part. Fuck they are good.

Anyway, see you all tomorrow night... hopefully one or two different songs for a little extra fun. Cheers!
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