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Re: 2006/05/21 - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theatre

as mentioned by most, frickin amazing......17th show, another reminder why I keep coming back for more & shall continue to... couple things to help clarify:

it looked like Maynard was having issues w/ his mike during Vicarious, i don't think he forgot / left out the verse as mentioned above - he was looking @ his mike & kinda looked like he may have switched it on before the chorus kicked in.

several maynardisms....."something something something, witty comment, something something something insert another witty comment - new album, new song..." - then into Jambi.

"where are we? - we were in NY last night, they were louder, but you're better" - then into 46&2

afore mentioned flood & internet comments...pretty accurate from what I recall.

Danny had some issues w/ the snare? i think - had to be swapped out after schism...Maynard has to swap a battery or monitor or something during jambi...seemed to be having some trouble getting it clipped back onto his belt initially, but he got it once the verse ended. After Stinkfist, was a delay - looked like Justin came to the front right of the stage & a tech took his bass...not sure what was going on there...perhaps someone closer to that side knows more.

Right before schism, maynard kinda pulled adam over - almost like they were gonna play someting else, then jumped in schism...once that was done, they talked again & maynard was kinda pointing to the setlist - then they played Right In Two - almost like they were swapped on the original setlist -

Not sure how anyone could complain about the setlist - i mean, the most songs off 10,000 days to date in 1 show - other classics were excellent as always.
Extended version of Stinkfist (no extra lyrics), fast bridge in schism - very cool -

Sound was great in the orpheum, though i'm guessing that depends on where you were located - few times seemed the bass overpowered the vocals, but fortunately that didn't happen too often, just a couple times. Audience was definitely into it & was very loud - seemed the band really felt the vibe tonight!