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Re: 2006/12/08 - Nantes, FRA - Le Zenith

[ Maybe it would've paid off to mix up the setlist now and then. Now Maynard seems resentful towards audiences that pay money to see his stout frame look unmistakably disinterested and what's even better is that Tool puts on the worst show they ever have but charge more than ever before. Maynard acts like a 3 year old! He punishes paying people by playing or not playing songs. He leads us to believe we are being rewarded if we see a 90 minute show. Mr. Keenan has it backwards ebcause he thinks we're so lucky to witness his greatness but in reality it is he who is lucky enough to have his greatness witnessed. I'm great but it's unknown for the most part. Not as lucky as maynard. They make excuses and that's what MJK does now. He's sick, it's the smokers, the fans annoy him blah blah blah excuse, excuse, excuse. We should all strive to make the world a better place not a more miserable one. [So why are you posting such negative shite??????] Misery loves company and Maynard's inviting 15000 people to join him each night. One last thing; I've been to 8 shows and heard Schism 8 times and Eulogy zero times. That's bullshit! Mix it up! No wonder they look so bored up there. Schism is a boring song and I'm bored hearing it over and over. Every time I hear the intro I contemplate booing the band but assume it would be counterproductive cuz they'd cut out Aenema or somethin.[/QUOTE]

My apologie as I wasn't at the show (Just got back from Zurich) but I have to comment ...

"Who are you to wave your finger. You must have been outa your head. Soap box, house of cards, don't go tossin' your stones around!!!!!
Foot in mouth and head up asshole. Whatcha talkin bout?"

"Well now I've got some advice for you, little buddy.
Before you point the finger you should know that
I'm the man, And if I'm the man,
Then you're the man, and
He's the man as well so you can
Point that fuckin' finger up your ass.
All you know about me is what I've sold you,
Dumb fuck.I sold out long before you ever heard my name.
I sold my soul to make a record,
Dip shit,And you bought one. "

Fine, no credentials needed but get over yourself. What makes you think Maynard has been lucky .... yeah, no work involved. I'm sure you are great but give a guy a break and if the band wants to play schism why the hell shouldn't they!

Try to relax and enjoy the music and the experience. If you've been into the band for so long you, of all people should know that it is about more than just the songs or some vocals. I appreciate wanting to hear something badly (I have my dream list - slowly I am checking songs off - don't you think it was pretty good to hear Swampsong?) but enjoy what is offered.