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Re: 2006/12/08 - Nantes, FRA - Le Zenith

Fifth Tool show ... Third for the current year and the worst one ever ...
Maynard was probably ill ... the songs were not really powerfull and MJK was totally out of the show.
The good stuff was the lights : wonderfull light show with green lasers on Wings I & II and after on lateralis.
After Vicaoious, They left the stage without playing Aenema ... shit ;)

No "The Pot" ... why do they never play this song in France (Grenoble, Paris(june), Nantes and Paris(december)) and I was not in Lyon.

Finally, i don't understand why TOOL always play the same setlist ... they have so many beautiful songs ... H. / Eulogy / Jimmy / Pushit / THIRD EYE / Disposition Reflection / Parabol(a) ... Does someone have an idea about that subject ??