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Re: 02.06.12 - Ft. Lauderdale

Please behave, everybody...that goes for me too. Assume that this is the final time you will get to see Tool live, at least in the South Florida market. Make the most of it, keep your cellphones in your pockets, show the band the respect and love they deserve and show everyone around you some respect too. " Do unto others..." (So go outside for your drunken conversations and don't drown out the vocalist with your vocals-no one paid to hear you sing, but its gonna happen regardless, I'm sure, and I very well may lose inhibition and do it also-this is my reminder to myself not to.) And be safe, take precautions with that illegal stuff in your possession. (Suitcase whatever you plan on bringing in if it means that much to you-we know security will be very tight, it isn't worth getting kicked out of the show for in the least bit, and try to go without a cigarette for the duration of the show or go out to the designated smoking areas-they exist at the BAC.) And to the scalpers outside the venue-show them the "love" they deserve also. Most of the people that really need to be reading this are probably marginal fans that don't visit this site, but I feel obligated to say all this...Have a good time everybody. I INSIST.
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