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Re: 02.06.12 - Ft. Lauderdale

sec. 408 for my fiance and I. Yes, please lay off the laser pointers, I remember the Sunrise show of '07 and know exactly what ya mean. also, please refrain from singing along, we are all there to see/hear Tool, and don't need your fat drunken ass screaming in our ear the whole show. (no offense to fat drunk people, just referring to my personal experience of '07). I guess this is a spoiler free area, so, I wont reveal the spoils, I'll only say that i have seen Tool 3 other times on 3 other tours since 2001, but i absolutely can't fucking wait for this one. I envy those who are choosing to be surprised (how's that for suspense, gonna drive you nuts now huh, lol)
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