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Re: 02.06.12 - Ft. Lauderdale

Hello to all you fellow Floridian Toolheads. This post is directed at a small but malignant fraction of the audience for the upcoming Fort Lauderdale/Sunrise/BankAtlantic Center show on 02/06/2012...It is a question: Can we all get through this concert without having to take out a fucking laser-pointer and blind the musicians who are attempting to perform their songs which we paid and traveled to experience live? Please?!? If you dislike the song being performed, perhaps you are at the wrong concert. You could always use this time to buy more beer or do some social networking from the mensroom while you sit down to urinate. If you're a real fan that will be attending this show and want it to be as good of an experience as possible-and not end prematurely-I'm urging you to forcefully disarm anyone near you that takes out a laser-pointer. They...these demonic shitheads, who are taking up space that some real Tool fans should be occupying...are immature malcontent sociopathic terrorists that do not belong at the show but they made their presence known at this very same venue back in 2007. Maybe they've matured since then? Nah, this is South Florida. Or, possibly someone new has come along to replace those special guests...maybe the sociopaths of 2007 are dismembered in a shallow grave somewhere not too far away from you and me if they exhibited the same respect and consideration for others in their daily lives as they did at an arena concert. And no, I don't buy into the lone asshole-coward theory. Where there's one, there's another. Sorry to rant...looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines. I haven't posted on here in years anyway. "DO NO HARM."
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