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Re: General Tool Discussion

Originally Posted by sonnyboy11 View Post
I don't disagree, but having done VIP a few times now I've noticed they are very strict about the no alcohol thing. It's clearly something the band is enforcing, not just the venue. I think part of it is the security issue. There are about 150 people in VIP and all it would take is for one of them to get a bit too lit off drinks to cause a problem.
I reckon no alcohol is valid, at least prior to the VIP "experience". Being sat in a room for 2 hours with no drinks and no phones seems a bit ordinary though.

The old experience with the Q&A and/or the video props and such sounded like a really cool thing. I guess I'm just a little disappointed that the experience as a whole seems to have gone backwards, especially as Adam made a big deal of wanting these to be something special when they first tried them out.
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