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Re: 2006/09/25 - Cleveland, OH - Wolstein Center

Originally Posted by jade7 View Post
No...actually...every time I personally have seen Tool, they have had chairs on the floor. Maybe it has been different for others? I saw APC once, and they did not have chairs...but, some tried to start a pit and Maynard actually stopped the show to tell them to stop, saying something along the lines of being there to hear the music not beat the piss out of each other.

Works for me.

Yes they have done this more than once
They dont want you too go there to take your anger out on others

If you want to mosh go to slayer nothing against heavy bands i love the heavy shit too.

But tool wants you to listen to the music that is why they are called tool
A tool for your mind

P.S wheres the pics?
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