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Re: 2006/09/25 - Cleveland, OH - Wolstein Center

This was my seventh Tool show. I used to live in So. Cal so I was hooked ever since Lollapalooza #3. But this was my first show since Aenima tour and I was NOT disappointed. The show experience has changed a lot over the years. Not much moshing at shows these days which is fine by me.

The stage setup and lighting effects were super. I loved the white stage and wall. Is this their standard setup for this tour? I had seen what I thought were recent tour pics with 4 screens/backdrops onstage and was kind of expecting that. But the giant white setup was fabulous.

The sound was awesome from where I sat. I was dead center in the back upper level opposite the stage. Front row at that. I had nothing in my way so the visuals and sounds were crisp and clear. I wouldn't want to sit anywhere else. I also got some great pics.

Aenima fucking rocked the joint. At one point Maynard let the crowd sing the chorus and it was mindblowing to hear the place erupt with the lyrics.
If I had used my head, I would have got tix for Pittsburgh also because I can't wait to see them again.

I would have loved to hear Pushit but hey...I can wait until next time!