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Re: Connections to Literature/Film

Thats sounds like an interesting book. Your talk about the machine reminds me of the dreams jevons used to get (I wish that jevons was still here). The dreams involved him or someone else being attached to a machine. They would keep trying to detached themselves. The machine would be the material world, the cultural ego.

Are the people living in the houses willingly letting all of this happen? Do they have no choice? I dont know, maybe Ill jsut check the book out.

You forgot to add the sounds in the beginning of the song. The sounds of people working in an industrial factory. They can be seen as tools to creating machines, cars, blades, weapons, etc. By will they chose to be tools, when really they should be using their will to follow the right path for themselves. To discover the self, to be pure, to unite with others as one instead of fighting others or creating machines that only separate us even more from ourselves.

about the bells and wings for marie part. I heard that if enough people willed for something to happen then it would happen. If we all feel for her in getting her wings as much as maynard then maybe she would ascend and get her wings. Willing for the same thing to happen from a lot of people can be complicated though. for example: A group of people cant pray/will for world peace because everyone views peace differently so the energy created from the group could make things worse.
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