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Re: Is Vicarious getting overplayed?

Originally Posted by Liquid Identity 010 View Post
In the car with your mom?
I'm just curious as to how old you are, since you claim to be so wordly when it comes to all things Tool. Yet your general attitude and reactions point directly at immaturity, which would make a lot of sense considering your transportation arrangements. Must be her car because if it was your own, you would be in control of the radio.
If mommy is still driving you, I assume you can't be more than 20 and if so, for shame. Were you listening to Tool when you were 7? Because Undertow was released in '93. You didn't start at the beginning of Tool either, so get off your high self-important horse.

You enjoy Tool on your own level. Get as deep into it as you like because hell, it's an experience to do so. But don't harp on the new guys just getting interested in Tool. You think you have some sort of holy ground to defend? Saving all of Tool-dom with your heroics? Fending off the new generations of Tool fans from the ones who have been enjoying it for many years? Spare us your theatrics.

I don't see how Tool getting exposure on the radio is bad. Tool isn't exactly an underground band or well-kept secret. They are almost mainstream... so much so that when Lateralus was released the local Top40 and pop radio stations here gave Schism some airtime. Very odd hearing Tool sandwiched between Britney and Mariah. But it may mesmerize a few interested people who will find more depth and meaning in bands like Tool. These people may become more what you deem acceptable and less what you obviously hate so much.

You do need to get a grip though because you overreacted in a major way back there.
Live and let live. Ignore the ignorant. Your Tool will never be their Tool so don't worry about it.

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