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Re: Is Vicarious getting overplayed?

Originally Posted by anarcho-commie View Post
Yes, they claim Tool, claim that they are #1 tool fans when in reality they just only heard one song. School isn't a credible source of information. That's fact. You're taught nationalist propaganda. Things that make your country look good. Even an idiot would understand that. And how much of an ass do you have to be to think that I was actually being serious about the "true OGT" shit? I was mocking those people that do like to consider themselves true OGTs. How fucking hard is that to understand. If I was being serious, would I have put a ":D" at the end of the sentence? Use common sence.
Yeah, true, they don't go into our country's large amount of of government corruption, conspiracies I.E., and why we celebrate a racist murdering pig like christopher columbus? DAMN! we have a holiday about him and he came over here and killed thousands of indians! Hist

fick/ fuck, I fucked up and cut my paragragh that proboly is'nt that much readable due to being really drunkso just disregard any previous statement/s
im fine

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