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Re: Is Vicarious getting overplayed?

Originally Posted by anarcho-commie View Post
That's not what I'm talking about though. I think everyone got misconceptions from this thread. What I'm trying to say is the exact opposite of what you said. I'm talking about people who settle for one Tool song (vicarious) and dont even take the time to get into more Tool songs. Just listen to that one song and think that they're big Tool fans.
And then they "claim Tool." And school is not a credible source of information. And you're a true OGT, even though you were 2 years old when Opiate was released. We get it. Why are you still explaining away the ridiculous shit you've posted so far? You made an ass of yourself, you're an idiot, and you should be embarrassed that you're still trying to rationalize your vapid and inconsequential opinions. Shut up.
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