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Re: Is Vicarious getting overplayed?

Originally Posted by testspecimen View Post
Firstly, etc43, you are of course right.

anarcho-commie, I got into Tool from one song, and enjoyed it so much that I had to hear the album. Vicarious getting played on the radio at all is surely a good thing (I live in the UK and I've heard Tool no more than twice on the radio ever). If more people get in to Tool because they heard Vicarious on the radio then that means that they're listening to the album (even if that album is 10,000 Days).

Schism was the first Tool song I ever heard, as a result of that I went out to buy Lateralus, then snapped up a chance to see them live, and now I think they're probably the best band around today. Maybe Vicarious getting airplay will have the same effect.
That's not what I'm talking about though. I think everyone got misconceptions from this thread. What I'm trying to say is the exact opposite of what you said. I'm talking about people who settle for one Tool song (vicarious) and dont even take the time to get into more Tool songs. Just listen to that one song and think that they're big Tool fans.
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