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Saw Maynard outside

Hey all....great show...not the best I've seen, but still pretty damn good. My buddy and I were standing by the Littlest Bar puffing on a jibba, just hanging out. This was at 7:55, show was to start at 8. Lo and behold, I hear people walking behind us, I turn around, and "Holy Fucking Shit, Maynard!". He was with a guy and a girl with dyed red hair. He had on his US POSTAL hat, and just walked on by. I tried to get his attention, "Hey, Maynard".....but alas, he pulled a "Maynard" and kept on walking. They went down the back alley leading to the rear of the Orpheum (which we had tried to sneak down minutes earlier to no avail) and were gone. Well, it's 5 minutes to showtime, and he's walking in off the wil definitely be starting late. So, putted around for a bit more, went inside and had a beer, went to my seat, and spiraled out.

FAKE TIX: met some dudes that had bought fake tix off a scalper....$200 each. I took a look at them, and they looked pretty legit to me. I felt bad for them. Fucking scalpers. Word on the street was that any tix with row "M" or "MM" were fakes.

Goddamn. Shit the bed.