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Re: photos from my trip

I read a thread on here recommending countries and one guy(stupidcunt i believe)simply said "nothing in europe holds a candle to Japan, best country ever". In the ten days i spent in japan, it was all pretty much in Tokyo. I just felt no reason to leave tokyo, there is so much to explore in tokyo itself.So it's hard to say if it's the best country since i've spent it only in Tokyo. But Japan IS fuckin awesome. The most respectful people i've ever met, cashiers at mcdonalds bow to you in greeting and bow to you in thankfulness. I actually seen a foreigner hippy dude asking some police officers where he can get some bud, he was trying to convince them of the benefits of marijuana...i didn't see how the rest went.The coolest city i've been to. One goth store in tokyo has more variety in products than all of canada. But that's not what makes tokyo cool, it is the people. Like this guy:

Greaser by ThetempleWithin, on Flickr
"here i am,expecting just a little bit...mmm..too much from...the wounded..."
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