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Re: photos from my trip

"Have a break..have a kit kat!" what i heard alot from the vendors in jordan,attempting to lure you into their shop....or some jordanian on a poor looking donkey riding up to you asking.." taxi sir?". The men love cat-calling my girlfriend and using cheesy pick-up lines, even a fat 12 year old couldn't hold back his "oooooooh yessssssssss" at the sight of my girlfriend. At first the cat-calling was harmless and cute, like really how could my manhood and pride be threatened by a man on a donkey? but eventually i blew up at a vendor and blew up at a couple guys on some horses. My gf was pissed at me for losing my temper and about an hour later she totally fuckin blew up at some dudes hitting a dog in the face with a stick. Here's a camel.

Camel Petra by ThetempleWithin, on Flickr
"here i am,expecting just a little bit...mmm..too much from...the wounded..."
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