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Re: 2007/07/05 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena

ha ha DTE, here they played Right In Two and the Magnificant Riff-catchy POT. But Flood was pretty unique and different at DTE. They haven't played that in like 10 years eh? Except earlier on this tour. Indoor venue was better 4 the laser and visuals cause they bounce off everything. That dual drum solo with BB dude and Daniel was fantastic. Lateralus was quite grand. Smaller venues are where its at. Such as The Fox.

In closing, yall out there, heed my word. Appreciate these guys now. U will b saddened when they're gone. They've been doing this 4 nearly 2 decades. ('89) Cherish this creative and inspiratioinal force we call TOOL. Each new cd tops the other in my opinion. They are getting better with time, such as a fine (Caduceus) wine. Some folk complain about the set lists and would like to hear this that and the other. I like it the way it is. 10,000 is superb. Of course they are going to play most of their new. This is a business. This is how u sell records and sell urself. Rosetta is a journey of peeks and valleys and builds up to explode on a mountain top. Wings encapsulates true beauty. The Pot is politically charged and that Lord. Peeps think that the band has become soft and has lost their edge. "They're not as hard as they used to be"
They're changing, evolving, experimenting, maturing. Can't u see the difference. Musically past albums cannot compare. Hopefully we don't have to wait another 5 for another one.
6 times in two years shall keep me content for now. Hey boys, when u finish in Istanbul, get back in the studio. Since songs like Rosetta take 6 months or more to construct, I'll expect a new album in...lets say...2010. late

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