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Re: 2007/07/05 - Grand Rapids, MI - Van Andel Arena

ALRIGHT, I finally am taking the time to come on here and post. Setlist was as follows:
1. Jambi
2. Stinkfist (extended)
3, 4, 5, or 6: Negative Ions
3, 4, 5, or 6: Schism (extended)
3, 4, 5, or 6: Forty Six & 2
3, 4, 5, or 6: The Pot (interupted, mwa hahaha)
7. Lost Keys
8. Rosetta Stoned
9. Wings for Marie
10. 10,000 Days
11. Right in Two
12. Lateralus (extended)
13. Vicarious

I'll be honest, this was my first Tool show. But, from what I've read and compared it to, it was an amazing show. So, yeah, there might be a little bias, but whatever. I was in section 222, on the balcony. If you saw me, I was rocking out most of the time, didn't sit down once. Guys behind me were cool, gave me beer for I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure I looked like I was on drugs.

More about the show- Maynard was talky and so was the crowd. Actually, the crowd was incredibly enthusiastic. I don't know, it had more of a "Yaaaaaaaaaaay" thing going for it. Yes, well, if that makes sense. Thirty minutes before the concert started a dude shouted, then everyone started shouting that had came early.

Big Business came on at 8:00 and had a good response, especially that last song- from me. That last song was sweet and the singer had me laughing in the beginning. The crowd was definately nice to 'em, the singer even said something about, "Thanks for being nice to us." I'm not sure if they were boo'd off in DTE two nights before, but the response here was positive. Sometime during their set the singer (or guitarist?) talked for a while and all I remember is something like, "We don't wanna ruin it for you, but they have lasers." I don't know . . . He said lots of stuff that was pretty entertaining, rather he talked like Chauncey from Wonder Showzen or not. (Their set opened with him saying something like, Hey kids, we've come to play music just for you . . . Or something weirdly entertaining like that.)

Tool came on, about thirty minutes after Big Business was done, at 9:00 and the crowd stood to their feet and cheered. Maynard didn't say anything before Jambi, but afterward he had everyone raise their arms and gave a speech about fireworks and thumb losing. I guess he said something along the lines of, "Let me see your hands. Yesterday was the Fourth of July... and people tend to blow their thumbs off with fireworks, then can't use utensils... it's called natural selection." Yep, that quote comes directly from the life-changing website called

I wasn't expecting Stinkfist, but I'd been avoiding reviews before the concert so I could be surprised.

The Pot was a cool surprise. He got into "Who are you" and the crowd roared, seriously, could not hear Maynard and then he stopped singing and said something like wait for me now. That was pretty funny, then he just kept goin'. The song wasn't all that memorable though . . . You know what, actually, the video was memorable for that song. It stuck with me, kind of made me contemplate what those zombie-like people were supposed to represent. Maybe hypocrites? The people who blindly follow? Yeah, I liked the video for The Pot, I take that back. It kind of shows how the blind followers and hypocrites look . . . humanely.

Forty-Six and Two was something I wasn't expecting to hear. I don't remember much here. Moving on . . . This, Schism, The Pot, and (-)ions pretty much were meshed together for me. Sorry about that, but it was all quite tasty.

Schism made me piss my pants. I wanted that song badly and got it. Horrah to that.

During Lost Keys people raised their lighters and the place was semi-lit. Rosetta Stoned was amazing though, awesome, awesome. "Such a heavy burden now to be the one" . . . I think that song was where I first got really lost in the music. Probably looked like I was on drugs.

After this was the segue to Wings for marie and during it was the band's little break. Adam Jones raised a lighter (I THINK it was him) and the whole place lit up. I mean, yeah, before it did a little. But, the play was seriously lit up. Hundreds, MAYBE thousands, of lighters were up and flickering. That was a pretty cool thing to see.

Afterward, during Wings and 10k, people talked. That sucked. I felt bad, the song felt more like a time to pay respects to the departed than to rock out, drink beer, take pictures, and shout things for no reason. But hey, whatever, this is where the audience became a annoying and seemed more like beligerant, drunk, and happy people than smart, aware, and happy people. I just kind of stood still for those two . . .

After those songs people sat down. Yes, a large amount of people sat down which confused me much. Tool started playing the end/beginning of Intension and I seriously thought they were going to play Intension and I was immensely excited, but no . . . No they went into Right In Two and that was still great. I think, actually, it was my favorite song of the night. It was so great, really, that's why I was so confused when everyone was sitting by me. By the end of it, probably four people were still standing in front of me. Strange for best song of the night.

Afterward, Lateralus started, some people stayed sitting, but once the recognizable part came in, they were on their feet again and cheering. After Right In Two I didn't think I could get much more lost in the music, but damn . . . I lost myself between the sound. Amazing. This and Right In Two together were like an out of body experience, really got me somewhere emotionally.

The drummer from Big Business came out and played the drum solo with Danny, it seemed like he had been practicing with 'em, caus' there were a couple times where they did the exact same thing. As they did the solo, Maynard was shooting toilet paper into the air, eventually he tossed the roll into the crowd and they passed it around. It got to the almost-back of the arena floor and it looked kind of cool seeing the toilet paper zig-zagged and held above people . . . Sometime before or after that Maynard put the toilet paper around his shoe . . . Funny stuff.

After the song, Maynard said something like, "We'll see you soon" basic goodbyes . . . I don't remember all that much, really, I'm tired.

Some people started leaving, but then they started playing Vicarious and I'm pretty sure that made people glad. He didn't sing the "Vicariously I" part though, I don't really remember. I'm getting tired and forgetting things so I think I'm ending this review.

The crowd stayed and cheered for a good three minutes after, but no encore. I wanted Aenima, and seriously thought it would be cool if the everyone just started shouting, "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey" . . . But yeah, they didn't and I was disappointed by that. (I loserly did shout it and just seemed weird, but it seemed clever AND like a good idea to me). Eventually the lights were turned on and everyone was outty after drum sticks were tossed and other things I don't recall.

I'm sure I exaggerated or messed up somewhere in here, but I do think I did alright and gave you the jist of the concert. I had a fun time. Some of the crowd seemed douchebaggish though- especially the Right In Two sitters and Wings/10k talkers . . . The bastards.

Best two songs: Right In Two and Lateralus. Mind-blowing.