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Re: 02.06.2012 - Ft Lauderdale, FL @ Bank Atlantic Centre

Ft lauderdale show 1st ever live tool show. Been listening for 17 yrs. they were f@&$in awesum way better than I anticipated. Sound good--mjk sounded brilliant - rest of the band way awesome. No overpowering of one over the other. They sounded very tight considering they only have 2 more shows to play. Visuals truly brilliant!!! ADAM U R A TRUE GENIUS. Mjk no talking too much, but ok--cos his singiPng voice was truly spot on tonite. Danny u r a master on percussion--GENIUS.
Justin u r a cool dude out there with ur bass guitar-looked like u were having fun.
Thanks for the unbelievably cool nite, another tool fan can go to sleep & relive their dream again & again.
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