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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

I agree with nearly everything the above mates said.
I was my first live Tool concert and I still can't get used to this feeling... you know... becoming one with the band, givin both body and mind to the music.... a haunting experience....

But, and don't call me an elitist or a "racist", I was kinda dissapointed with a wide number of the crowd, concerning its behaviour... I mean, me and my friends were some of the nearly-nobodies that used to bounce and headbang etc etc when needed (in the more "uplifting" or groovy parts, you know), but everyone around us was like, "Geez, calm down!!! There are civilized people here that want to enjoy the show!".
As if we're animals...
Maybe they wanted to go into the Dakis concert next to the Tool's one and missed their way...
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