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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

Best moment of the gig imo was the performance of "Lateralis". It was out of this planet!Mastodon on stage, 2 guitars, 2 drum sets...WOW! The sound was so fucking heavy.Maynard gave the mic to the singer of Mastodon when the "With my feet upon the ground..." part came on.
The song lasted around 15-17min.Both bands were jamming after the middle section of the song and they wouldn't stop.What a magic moment that was, with "Lateralis" being my favorite TooL song and get the drift!

In general, the gig was fantastic.The band was in good spirit and you could see that on stage.It is a wonderful experience to be able to see these great musicians to perform live.Danny was absolutely amazing.His has this calm expression when he plays that is beautiful....

Maynard when he did his "good news,bad news" thing said:
The good news is we're playing for the first time in Greece. Also this is the last gig of the tour,so u get to see that as well.The bas news is....there are no bad news!"

Amusing fact:There were announcements before they came out about not smoking and not taking pictures etc. and the crowd REALLY booed them, in a typical greek fashion...!

It was the second time i saw them in one week (first being in Paris on 10.12).That was a dream i waited too long to make true.Now that it happened i can't wait to see them again live.I just hope i will have that chance in the future...

P.S.:Anyone knows if they've actually played an extended "Lateralis" live like the one we experienced before or was it a first?Perhaps it had to do with the fact that it was the last gig of the tour, so they thought "what the fuck! why not?"....or i'm just daydreaming!

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