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the guitar is phenomenal

i don't know how many guitar tracks are recorded throughout but i can tell that sometimes that there are two in the beginning. it just seems to mesh so well with the lyrics if you really focus your energy on the song... Verse: it begins with a decrescendo of a d minor chord i think preparing for the lyricist "What was it like to see the face of your own stability?" then there is a somber part that makes you reflect on maynard has just said. and after he says "leaving you with the dead and hopeless..." adam is hitting one note (a) in background guitar part that is piercing and its very eerie and makes me feel like im in a dark place with a bunch of hopeless looking people.... it is these subtle parts in some of tool's songs that give me the chills. please let me know what you think of these guitar riffs and others that you think will help me to reflect.
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