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Originally Posted by swimminginmusic View Post
The producer is freaking out because they had to remove most of the iconic tiny-desk and the cubicle behind it just to get “the essentials” back there for Danny. The neighboring offices have to close early due to overcrowding and fans taking over the rest of the complex, and out of nowhere, a group of 4 guys start selling armfuls of poorly screen-printed Fool shirts. Nobody thought to dial back the fog machines, so they keep blasting the rented office-space with arena amounts of artificial fog bringing visibility down to mere centimeters. Normally, the staff/audience would be concerned but earlier in the day someone spiked the coffee pot with a heroic dose of LSD25 and everyone is just starting to realize the room has detached from reality and is soaring through a dimension of fog and shifting colors. The music cuts the dancing prism to give canvas for Maynard’s message. The set is a brutal 45 mins consisting of only 7empest, Undertow, Hooker with a Penis, and The Grudge. The station has been off-air for hours and the sponsor’s messages have just been playing on loop, but the NPR staff is nowhere near ready to regain control of their psyche yet. After the show silence fills the room as everyone is struggling to put their heads back together and regain control of their bodies. It feels like we’ve been gone for hours. The only audio recording of the performance was on the single microphone from the webcam that was rolling since soundcheck, however it’s video was completely masked by the fog in the room. As the room begins to air out, the scene of destruction is unveiled. A couple of the younger assistants lay giggling on the floor among the coffee mugs, staplers, binders, and other office-debris that got scattered in the chaos. For some, this was their first NPR Tiny Desk concert and it will take them some time to process everything completely. For others- They realize this was the wildest and most meaningful NPR Tiny Desk concert they will ever witness. They’re overwhelmed with a sense of satisfaction, completeness and understanding that this marks the end of their career. They can retire now, living a life of humble solitude and meditation.
Fucking awesome hehe
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