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Re: 07.29.09 - Charlotte, NC @ Bojangle's Coliseum

We stayed at the Marriott in Matthews about 10 miles outside Charlotte on 74. Coming in we saw the line of cars and couldn't believe the back up. I had VIP parking so it took us no time to park. We had to wait for a friend because we had his ticket and he was stuck in the traffic so we waited outside and listened to Tweak Bird and got prepared. Security was cool just a wave of a wand and your in.(They never look at whats in your hands!)

Section 109-Row G-Seat 21
I must say that this show had a different energy than any other show I have been to. I can't really explain it but it seemed more of just a jam session than a concert. I don't know if thats good or bad I had a good time so.....Maybe its my fault for reading reviews and knowing the set list but I do that before every tour so that is normal for me. I will say that I thought the sound was good in my section and all the guys seemed to be into it.
I am glad they got that mother with laser pointer I was so worried he was going to piss Maynard off and ruin the whole show. I'm 99% sure that is whay he had his back to us and didn't say much. What the hell is the fun in that anyway? Everyone im my section was cool smoking was no problem. Security didn't hassel anyone around me.
I thought my ears were going to expload during Lost Keys. Rosetta was great and Lateralus was insane. All the songs were preformed well I didn't hear any big mistakes. Most of the people around me didn't seem very into it. Some were sitting down, screwing with cell phones, going for more beer and I just stood in the same spot and soaked it all up. This should be a time to absorb as much as we can because it isn't going to last forever. I hope for a couple more shows I can go to but I'd say thats it. I hope I'm wrong and they release more material and tour forever but I don't see it happening. Sure I wish the set was a little different but I am happy with what I got and appreciate it.
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