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Re: 2007/02/12 - Kawasaki, JAP - Club Citta

tool day 4-

it was nice to get a day off to regain my energy.

my friend chris came over to my house around 10am. my wife made a great breakfast and we watched the departed before we headed out to the show.

got going round 3:30pm and arrived in kawasaki round 4:30pm. there were alot of people outside waiting to get in. while in line we saw adam's wife walking around outside. met some interesting guys who came all the way from Chicago to see the show. they were at the tokyo shows and said they remembered seeing me. said they wouldnt be able to make it to the nagoya show though.

my ticket number was 266 but i decided to try and get in when ticket numbers 150 - 160 were called.
no problem. got in without any hassle.
got past security, which was light as usual and headed right for the rail. front and center. saw alot of the same people who were at the tokyo shows.
saw Y and A but didnt really hook up with them. i just said hi. figure ill catch up with them on the bus ride out to nagoya tomorrow night.

I was taking some pics of chris before the lights went down and security took my camera. they were polite about it, but they said i had to check it in. i didnt want them to take my camera so i told them that there were dirty pics of my wife on there and i couldnt let them have it, but they werent hearing it. it was check the camera or get kicked i checked it.

lights went down. small push from the crowd but nothing to aggressive. quick cheer then silence; same as the 2nd tokyo show.

high points were the lead into sober which seemed to be very 3rd eye-ish. i thought that they were going to go into 3rd eye and was really surprised when i heard justin play the sober bass line.
right in two (danny's drumming was amazing again), and swamp song.
no one joined them on stage this time.

last show i didnt get danny's drum stick due to leaving before i was determined to get it this time. in the last 8 years that damn stick has touched my hands soo many times but i couldnt ever get it. well finally i got the damn drum stick. pretty happy about that...i dont feel as bad about missing it at the 2nd tokyo show.
i jump the rail after they finished anemia and headed right to my locker, got my jacket, picked my camera up and took a piss. went outside to pick up some beer at the convenience store- better to pay 300 yen then 600 yen in the venue.

took some pics outside while waiting for chris or A or Y. bumped into a girl who told me she got in the venue with out a ticket. i asked how the hell she pulled that off and she said that she really wanted to see the show so she decided to come early and wait in back and see if she could ask some one that was with the band if they could get her in.
well, she bumped in to someone who's name i wont mention and she got her in. unbelievable! ive never heard of anything like that! so if you cant get tix, it might be worth it to wait at the back of the venue and beg someone to get you in.

anyway the girl who got in with out a ticket, myself and the guys from chicago all went round to the back of the venue to wait for the band.
there were just the old guy drivers for the band and a few japanese tool fans waiting.
after talking with the guys from chicago about getting a purple pen i went over the JP tool fans and talked to them about the show.

then the venue security showed up and started causing problems.
at first then told us to leave and go to the end of the street. we walked to the other side of the street to the side walk were we wouldnt be on venue propriety. then security said that if we didnt move they'd have to move us. i said that we were on a public street and that would be a bit excessive.
then the same guy who took my camera said that if we didnt move they he would call the yakuza! (japanese mafia). now this was getting stupid...since we were being fed a huge line of crap i thought id spit some back at them. i said that i was with yamaguchi-gumi and that i cant be touched- which is a total lie.
they said that if we didnt move that the yakuza was going to shoot us because they dont like foreign people in the area that we were standing. i said that i felt pretty honored that the yakuza would use their not easily obtainable bullets on me. (guns and bullets are illegal in JP and very very hard to obtain).
then they called out the promoter who spoke pretty good english...she told us that we were making the yakuza mad. i just laughed at her and asked where the yakuza was that she was referring to. she didnt have a response...eventually she left.

i just dont get it. we were just on the other side of the street behind the venue a few tool fans from around the globe sharing tool stories waiting for a chance to see the band. it wasent like we were crowding the door or trying to force our way into the venue.

anyway, justins g/f came out and talked to us for a while. she said that danny and the crew went out the other night and watched the 6 nations rugby at a sports bar in roppongi.
i asked her why tool came to japan seeing as how most shows are under 2,000 in attendance. she said that the the guys really like playing in front of a crowd of 1,500 people after playing at a venue like big day out with attendance around 43,000. 'They do it just for the fun of playing in a small club again'.
thats the great thing about seeing shows in foreign counties. its always a personal show...bands usually let their hair down.

while talking with her security really started getting rude. they were steeping between people i was talking with just to piss me off. the guy who took my camera steeped right in front of me and my friend while we were talking and cracked his neck and tried to stare me down. i laughed at him and told him and told him that foreigen people dont like venue security on this side of the street and told him to go to the end of the street...haha. i really hate security.

i eventually got sick of security's crap and left. chris and i went to a really good tai restaurant next to the venue drank and talked. it felt really nice to sit down with chris and talk. soon chris is moving back to the gold coast and im moving to osaka in the beginning of march. glad i was able to see tool with him before we have to split ways.