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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

Merry Xmas to Everybody!!! Im just another one from the Tool army who happened to witness the trip these amazing little Gods travelled us all through that night in the city of greatest hippie-triggers of ancient times, the city of Athens. Im not going to talk about the sound, or that one more track they ''owed' us, which everyone knows they should have given us, just for the fact that this very first time the band stepped on this land, people of Greece showed this literally speaking IDIETERO band ( especial is not the word enough) as was mentioned on stage before the band started to play, unlimited love, even the night before the show, in an ordinary rock bar deep down in a hole of Athens where everybody was hanging out with the boys from the band, drinking and simply celebrating this really great event!! everybody from that moment felt that the bond between the band and the people was greater than expected. Everybody was there, so i wont get deeper to the details.
I would like to finish my state saying that Tool is 100% the Pink Floyd of our times, with the difference of mentality and psychosynthesis of our generation. I think everybody would agree on that. Mixture of such power of inside world expression, amazing musical contrasts between the wrath, fire, negativity and psychedelism, ambience, tranquility, senstivity and space, words are so poor to describe, you just have to be there to experience these mixed up feelings. We all pray boys come visit us again soon, hopefully 2007 summer tour, we all will be praying for that to happen.....
Kala Xristougenna magkes, afou irthane ta paidia k egine tetoios xamos sth trypa pou mas xwsane, as pistepsoume oloi oti tha ksanaginei syntoma, se kalyteres synthikes, se megalytero xwro, kai akoma poio poly lao edw sthn Elladitsa mas! Ante ygeia se olous!!!!!
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