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Caging the Care Bear Stare

I'm intermittently suppressed. .
then ballistic. . . and bursting on repeat. . . .
suppressed, then bursting. . .

A thundering
torus tube of energy
expels itself out of my corporeal center,
tethered and extracorporeal. . .
ambushing into the void. . .
squalling silently into an anechoic chamber
of animated particulate vapor.

An Ultrasonic Fury on Mute. . . .
a Who hollering at Horton
a choking mime. . .
A rifling life, stifled in an ungiving vacuum.

I sense a surge,
a serpentine arc of energy leaving me, ravenously,
rapidly metabolizing any meager morsel of meaning,
famished from the fruitlessness of physicality,
and quickly coiling back into the subconscious, subterranean space. . .

Before the nosedive, I feel the fizzle in its force
I jump the gun and chase the tail of this diaphanous density,
grasping at lightening, exasperated. . .
now beating dust from the ground, vexed
from the brisk coming and going of unbounded life-force.
Say hello to my frontal lobe.
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