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Re: Why should i buy it when i have to reburn it anyway?

Originally Posted by Blyker
I dunno, it might only be me but these gimmick vallue songs of Tool get old real fast. Sure they are funny to listen to once maybe twice but then they have to get the hell of my cd so i can listen to the music.

Like who ever listens to numbers like:
Maynard's Dick
Faaip De Oiad
Die Eier Von Satan
Message to Harry Manback


Or does everyone enjoy the long silence in flood for instance? Real nice when your running it in your cd player in the car.

I ended up ripping those albums and reburning them wihtout those one time listening gimmick numbers.

Yes i will still buy the cd but its sad that the only time it will play is when i rip it in order to reburn it without the gimmick number.
"Gimmick numbers"???

I think you've probably got the wrong idea. You see, "music" comes in a variety of forms. Not everything in music is the formulaic pop you might hear on the radio. Some people (often called artists) like to explore the medium of albums through something called "cre-a-tivity". Not everything that results from this alchemic ritual is going to be to everyone's tastes, often because certain pieces are not intended to be listened to individually. A lot of bands and artists make albums that are intended to be listened to that way. They're not going to come to you're house and kill you if you don't, but you might get some patronising arsehole explain to you the idea on a message board - hence this post.

Apologies to everyone who read this post and wasnít Blyker. I guess seeing these boards go to the shit (though itís debatable if they were ever anywhere else) is pissing me off.