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Re: 01.17.2012 - Tucson, AZ @ Tucson Arena

Originally Posted by sonnyboy11 View Post
Do you prefer Dave or David?
Give up the popcorn, mutherfuker!

A nice little happy birthday sing along during Lateralus for Dave.

I noticed the ascending guitar riff by Adam during the second verse of Stinkfist is most likely something we will hear on the new album.

The new song (no vocals) after Pushit is in 7/8 meter. It might be 11/4 but I think 7/8. Justin hits a lot of double-stops up high typical of his style. Adam plays a lot of whole notes througout acting more as the bass and letting Justin take the lead.

This was one of the top 3 performances I have seen from Tool. I have seen them 24xS. Very tight and next to flawless delivery by the band. The venue was awful shit. Maybe the worst I have seen. But damn the visuals and performance during Lateralus were as great as ANY performance the band has turned in. Hard to imagine not everyone would see that. We're all entitled to our own opinions and I know the experience vaires by person and is often based on situation (friends, droogs, seat assignment, etc). But this was truly one of their best performances in the times I have seen them.

Thanks for hosting me.. and Tool, AZ.

Damn SB layin it down!

11/4? You have quite an ear..
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Corex says:
June 12, 2010 at 1:50 am

"Yeah Tool is fucking amazing. But there’s a big chunk of their fan base that think they’ve become thought provoking geniuses just from listening to them."
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