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Re: 2006/12/16 - Athens, GRC - Olympic Fencing Hall

this is what I wrote the next morning

2.46 & 2
5.Lost keys/Rosseta stoned
6.Wings for Marie, pt 1
7.10000 days

Iíve got some good and some bad news...

The good news is tool.. they were fantastic!!
they seemed really excited to play and had this strange energy as a whole,it was really incredible to watch them create their powerful music live..
maynard at some point said something like :this is the last show of the year and you are going to see that... and there were some nice surprises.. after 10000 days(which by the way was truly amazing,maybe the best part of the concert for me, with the laser show and all)they took a small set of drums and a second guitar and Mastodon came on stage!!(actually only three of them) and started to play lateralus with two guitars and two drum sets and some point justin gave his bass to mastodons bassist and maynard(he was wearing his mask at that time) gave a microphone to mastodons guitarist...and when the finished playing lateralus maynard said:"now get the fuck out of here"The other think they did was while playing vicarious suddently they stopped so i though that they had some kind of technical all gathered in front of dannys drum set and two guys from the support team wearing white robes brought them four wineglasses filled with red wine and they made some kind of proposition and drunk it!!it was funny as hell!!and they went on to play vicarious from where they left it..the other thing i really liked was how during the break after roseta stoned the sat all together in the center of the stage and justin was holding his lighter up and after they finished playing aenema how they all made a group hug and waved us goodbye, especially danny with his big smile..

and now the bad news...
the hall cound't have been worse...the sound was fucking awful. at first i was about fourth row and when stinkist started couldn't hear maynard at all! so i said shit maybe i am too much in front so i went further back but the sound didn't get any better... tool of course are not to blame for this, the hall was absolutely unsuitable for a concert. it was a huge empty warehouse-like space with metal ceiling and walls which created and echo and completely buried maynards voice and made the rest of the band many times it was as if noone was singing but you could see maynard giving his heart on stage.. which brings as to another problem beside the sound this hall had. i am 1.90 and could see the stage(although not always easily) but most must have had a great difficulty in doing so especially those standing in the back(there were no seats).the hall was completely flat and the stage was very low.
shit!!i was so sad and angry after the show..tool was giving its best self on stage and we couldnít enjoy it because the stupid fu*** who organized this and charged 52euro on presale and 60 at the same day showed no respect for us and treated us like animals..i don't want to sound too miserable but i was expecting this for too long to have it ruined by the typical greek sloppiness and lack of professionalism..

Anyway all in all i am happy to have seen tool perform was truly an amazing experience but it kills me to know that it could have been sooooo much better....maybe next time it will be better..