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Re: 01.26.2012 - London, ON @ John Labatt Center

I found that the Toronto show was a bit better! Sorry London! Ticks n Leeches was great without the tease intro into Sober! No Parabola, but figured that. Just thought the crowd in T.O was just nuts!!! There was an electric feeling in the crowd. London concert was great and everyone was awesome! ACC security was non-existent! London a little different story but not too bad..
Love Tool Always!!!!
I'm a little disappointed with Maynard... he doesnít seem to be like himself.. He sound great and was into it but dam dude. Can we see you! I see parts of you in shadows but really! I really liked it back in early 2000's when he was up front doing he Maynard thing... Past few tours he hiding away behind Danny.. And then leaves as the crowd applause them for a great show. Maynard I love you, maybe you gotta' wine harvest to attend to or something but bro... we pay big bucks to see you $80 a show (Toronto & London) and we canít see you...
Hope we can see you next time.. Perhaps a new album and new tour with new TOOL songs will make Maynard up front again.. Either way that my only regard.

Spiral Out
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