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Re: 01.26.2012 - London, ON @ John Labatt Center

First of all I hold Tool in a league of there own, I have seen them many times and absolutely love them. As good as the gig was unfortunately I left disappointed this time.

I was 8 rows back dead center from the stage. There were 2 problems that I noticed. 1st the crowd was lack luster, except for Schism there never really seemed to be an electric energy that there usually is with a Tool gig. However the undoubted biggest disappointment was Maynard. While he was still amazing he was not his old self that I have seen before. Maybe age is catching up or maybe its lack of touring lately but it was not his best performance. He seemed tired and not interested to be there. He pulled of lots of notes specially in Pushit and then they cut The Pot out of the set altogether. It was evident in Aenema that his voice was gone and he promptly left the stage the second it was done.

Saying all that it was still amazing the rest of the band looked like they were having a blast specially Justin. Visuals were awesome and I still left on a high but just with a nagging feeling like maybe Maynard doesn't have many tours left in him?
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