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Re: 01.26.2012 - London, ON @ John Labatt Center

"Good evening. It's so good to be here in England"..... LOL classic Maynard!!!!!

7th time seeing TOOL and Awesome show!!!!

I was 5th row dead centre Floor 2, amazing view!

Maynard wore the "postal" tee the entire show... Danny Carey wore a "London Lightning" basketball jersey, kinda cool.

I was more than happy we got Ticks & Leeches and not Sober.... Ticks was fucking amazing live.... yes we got 10 songs and no Parabola or The Pot, but hearing Ticks made up for it for me.

Best visual in my opinion was 46 & 2, just amazing!!!! Intesion was way better than I expected live..... the drummer(s) from Intronaut came out to Lateralus and played with Carey, I said drummers because was 2 of them, (not sure exactly who was who I didn't catch Intronaut open up) one just stood banging away, was pretty awesome to watch, even Justin Chancellor was enjoying it as he just sat back chuggin a beer and taking it all in.... Maynard asked after "Who Won?" fans of course cheered Carey, yet Maynard said "I doubt it...... I WON" , lol

Sound I thought was great, visuals as always amazing.... normally I watch Carey blow me away, but tonight I was just diggin how Chancellor rocked out, he was right into it, fuckin awesome!!!!

see you down in Arizona bay!

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