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Originally Posted by XiPHiaS
I think this interpretation of the little guys comes prety close, but I am just wondering why they only seem to have a mouth. Any ideas?

Talk to almost any Christian religious figure in suburbian America. If you were to try to talk about something on the serious side, and they disagreed they wouldn't listen. They (and MANY others) simply formulate what they are going to say next while you are talking. Nothing is taken into consideration. They are waiting for their turn to speak.

Of course, it is quite unfair to generalize like that, but in my experiences, the majority of Christian authority figures are that way.

My point is this: communication is symbiotic on two scales. The mouth and the ear (speaking and listening). And the two parties that are communicating to each other (or any number of parties, really). The metaphor of the "little devils" comes into play, I think they represent a one-sided relationship. They are not listeners, only speakers. These are the majority of flaws in relationships. You need a balance of both. (Always come back to balance.)
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