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Originally posted by Dub
I am now going to blame tool for my atrocious spelling of parable....

Following this interpretation, does anyone have any thoughts on what the tiny flame on the "circle hurker"s hand represents? I had a passing thought about Promethean arrogance, "hey look what I can do, make fire"... the material accomplishments of men being rather insignificant compared what comes to be accomplished later in the video.. I'm just stabbing in the dark. The tiny flame didn't seem very significant, almost like part of the process to the meeting, a greeting or a ritual.
Maybe you're misinterpreting Prometheus? Since he was the one who gave us fire, he gave us a power that made us different from animals, something to make us divine. Similarly, the flame on the hand was the spark that ignited the fire in us, our 'soul'.

Also, I don't think the video is trying to make a direct reference to Bill Hicks. The only reason it seems like it does is that it's advocating principles that he himself advocated. That doesn't mean it's a tribute to him. It's just a matter of great minds thinking alike.
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