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The Stars Inside

Ok, so the closer the camera gets to the apple, the more sides the star has. First a zoomout-ish view of the apple and it only has five sides. The second time a little closer to the apple and six sides. The third, really close and you can see seven points of the star. Perhaps this translates to knowledge and sin. we, as human beings, have gained quite a bit of knowledge over the past fifty or sixty years. And, according to Christian beliefs, we have definitely sinned more and more everyday. Many people have broken the ten commandments. "Thou shalt not covet in thy neighbor's house" or whatever. "Thou shalt not steal." Well, I think Enron covered that one pretty well. But, the closer we get to this apple, the forbidden fruit, the more knowledge we gain about ourselves in tis world, and other worlds.

Just a thought.

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