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Abundance of Light

In this life I have traversed up and down
Going forward and in reverse
Learning from the past
Filling in huge gaps
Itís been an unpredictable course
On this spiritual awakening journey
I didnít know it, but I was always looking for you
In my vulnerability and in pursuit
You have the brightest eyes
You are very sweet and kind
Iíll always be there when you cry
To hold you through the night
Now I look forward to a plethora of highs
Iíll cuddle you close under the silver moon
Iíll always be faithful, always be true
Replenish the rivers when dry
Iíll spread your wings when you want to fly
Together we can create anything possible
With positive energy within
We can summon a thousand suns
Playing on the beach with our cats
Having so much fun
I believe in love at first sight
I will care for you with all of my might
Giving you an abundance of light
Climbing Godís Thumb and going on hikes
I will always listen to every word you say
Communication in a healthy way
I will take you on new adventures
With you paradise is right around the bend
I will be your lover all the way until the end
I don't know where the sunbeams end
And the starlights begin
It's all a mystery
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