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Re: 2006/11/08 - Leuven, BEL - Brabanthal

I agree with the comments made above (apart from the lame remark about spelling), but can't help being disappointed; It was a great show, wonderfull iights and visuals, but why oh why didn't they play Wings?
I can understand it takes a lot of work to put together a show like this, but they did play Wings in the US, so the visual and lighting programs should be ready available.

I paid another 40 euros to see almost the same show I did in Luxembourg and I expect to see the same in Brussels tomorrow. If I had known the shows would have the same set list, I might have put that money to better use. The lasers and better lightning added to the experience, but I will think twice before buying tickets for the summer shows.

Call me a whining bastard if you like (and someone probably will) but after paying this much money, I am entitled to an opinion. The ticket price is a day's wage for some people.

I just hoped to hear Wings, which is not an outrageous expectation because they played it in the US and it is the masterpiece from their most recent album. On the bright side: Lateralus was impressive as always and I 'got' Rosetta Stoned for the first time. It worked great with the new visuals, so it wasn't all bad.