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Re: 08.05.09 - Toronto, ON @ Molson Amphitheatre

What can I say? Show was amazing last night, as always. I don't understand those people on here who continuously complain about the setlists. Sure, I too would love to see a different set-list, but it's not going to happen, so get over it, please. The light show is too closely incorporated with the setlist, they're not just gonna go change it all willy nilly!

I, unlike the rest of the "haters" on here, went prepared ... I checked the setlists on here, and knew what to expect before-hand. Though I did joke around with my buddy that they would switch out flood for opiate, and throw in No Quarter,I didn't actually expect this.
I loved the show, just like every other time I've seen em [Palace of Auburn Hills, MI 09-22-06 - Bonnaroo, TN 06-15-07 and DTE Energy, MI 07-03-07 and now Molson Ampitheatre, Toronto, CA 08-05-09]. The show last night was kinda special for me, it was my Birthday gift to myself.

First time I've seen maynard strip down to his boxers ... and with french fries in his hand, haha. Some of the Maynardisms were quite amusing, starting with "Wow, that's a lot of Canadians. It's pretty much all of you, isn't it?" and also referring to the drum dual as a "circle jerk".

Now, to the worst part of the evening! The fucking traffic leaving! #1: No cars moved for about a half hour from the parking lot, and then all of a sudden everything moves like butter! WTF, thye decided after a half hour that they should direct traffic?
#2: Construction at night, generally a good idea. But the traffic that creates combined with concert traffic, GOD DAMNIT!!! We sat in traffic on the 427 for an hour, and moved 2.5 miles - sorry I'm a michigander, don't care to convert to metric.
Now, I do have a relatively descent perception of Canada and candians alike, but after that shit, I'm sorry guys, I fucking hate your country... till the next time I'm forced to travel there for a show. haha

Well I will be seeing the boys again tomorrow night in Cincinatti, so I'll post more of my lovely opinions of the show then. Peace, Love and Tool!

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