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Re: 2006/09/05 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena

I went to that concert. The sound was great along with the lazer light show. I was very close on the floor until some crazy nazi started throw elbows at my face and kicked and pushed me over. Other that that the show was excellent. Rpsetta stone was fucking excellent! I was never so satisfied at a too show in my life. We had anamazing time and Manayard was talking most of the show and dancing around, it was great. I definely dont get the mosh pit crap, but whatever. 'When I see a big crazy bald guy about to kick my ass for no reason I go the opposite didrection. Also I am a girl and can definetly take care of my self and kick some ass when I need to but this fool in particular scared me.
Security seemed to be looking for them all night. Anyway, about the show: Right in Two was awesome! the visulals were amazing and I am so glad that I went to that show insead of Stapels Center in LA. I absolutley would have love to see Wings for Marie part one and two, but the show in Bakersfield of all places was excellent if they played there again I would definetly go back again