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Re: 2006/09/05 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena

Well, everyone here pretty much said it all. I was at the Fresno, CA show and this one was much better. I was happy to see them use the large screen in the center of the arena (the hockey/basketball scoreboard) for their visuals.

ISIS was pretty good, especially since the only experience I have had listening to them was about 10 minutes from their Oceanic album (which I was not a big fan of), but their music was good, and the sound quality was surprisingly good (since in my experience, the opening acts rarely have decent sound quality).

I took about 150 pics on my pda phone, and I video taped The Pot. The video had absolutely wretched sound, so I deleted it, I did keep the photos though. I made a photo gallery (Mozilla Friendly) and you can visit it here: