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Re: 2006/09/05 - Bakersfield, CA - Rabobank Arena

First Tool show, third concert overall. This one was the best so far. I was in section 202 so I could see all the stuff projected on the stage and could see the small group of children moshing like a bunch of simple minded buffoons. They even moshing to Schism.

Isis was pretty good. They started off with So Did We, then Dulcinea. I didn't recognize the next two songs, but they seemed like they were off the new album. Isis was done in 30 minutes.

Before Tool came on, there was a skit playing with a black arguing with a white guy about why he can't be in a black metal band. That was kinda funny. Tool came out at 9:05 with Stinkfist. Then MJK talked to the crowd and said something about Korn, then danny had a little punchline drumbeat. I guess he was making fun of korn, or the town or both. The Pot was good. Seemed like he did it in his regular voice. 46&2 was good, so was Jambi.

Maynard was moving around quite a bit, swaying around, humping the mike, waving his cowboy hat around. Danny has a 42 Clippers jersey. Elton Brand's number I think. Justin was into some of the songs and Adam didn't move much, walked around a little bit.

Schism was good. I like the fast part they did in the middle. That was badass. I was amused by the small group of kids mosh pitting. I saw a couple people get kicked out. Next came Rosetta Stoned. The visuals were badass on that song. Those were the best visuals of all the songs. It was all crazy, with planets, ufos, pyramids, weird symbols and drawings. Highlight of the show for me. I was in the upper level kinda close to the stage so I could see all the projections onto the stage. The people on the floor missed out on that. Right in Two was next. It was good. Sober was good. Lateralus was another great song. The laser show was badass. They had a moving curving line projected onto the stage. I don't how that works, but it was cool.

There was a part where they took a short break and justin pulled out his lighter and everyone else that did, pulled theirs out too. That was nice.

Vicarious was next. It was good. Then they ended with Aenema. Some fucking cunt a few rows up decided to throw his beer down on everyone below him. Everyone that got hit looked up, but I couldn't see who it was.

I laughed at the part where he said the druggie part 3 times too.

Maynard said something about coming back next year too. Kickass show.