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Re: Not enough, I need more

i just rewatched the video after yeaarrssss.... actually reading into it much more than back then.. good shit.

also the song is about so much more than addictions, me thinks. it's a recurring theme for maynard (most recently explored in disillusioned by apc) and deals with being jaded, numb, and about needing stimulation (to be able to feel) to the point of oversaturation and of course, death.

the artsy and abstract manner in which adam jones conveys the message in the video is something that just hit me as fascinating and interesting. thanks for the bump.

edit: having finished watching it, it's clear to me that the video speaks of a new breed of overstimulated, jaded humans. It's kind of an origin story that resembles that of adam and eve (she comes to be not from a rib but from a lipoma in his back) and devolves into a deformed version of ourselves that thankfully doesn't leave the confinement of his tv room. kind of like how people in Amerrikuh live in a bubble of addiction and obsessions...

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