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Re: 2007/06/23 - Ft. Wayne, IN - Memorial Coliseum

well then...

It's been 24 hours so I guess I have reflected enough.

I went to the show a week ago in Evansville, and I also was present for the show last night in Ft. Wayne. I spent my time yesterday at the ardmore observation tower in front of the rock quarry in Ft. Wayne. As I left the observation tower with my friendgirl I asked if we could make a stop at the library. Once I was there I knew I was going to buy tickets to the show that was about to start in 3 hours. I asked her if she wanted to go, she said that she gets panic attacks in big crowds but that she had a xanex so it would be o.k. I bought the tickets, $93, section 602, row 14, TIP TOP of the venue, no problem. I figure that we'll sit through Melt Bannana and then go snake some other seats for Tool. We parked at some random place to avoid the charge and then headed for the concert. I first notice the countless people (those guys) wearing the tool shirt to the tool concert. I asked my friendgirl if she wanted to dress up formally for the show, and she replies that in that case we would be the only real non-conformists in the vicinity, but I puss out. She tells me that it looks like 10,000 of the same person walking into the concert. We find the will call, get our tickets, and I see that the staff are just not enjoying Tools...err...Tool fans. When we take our seats, we are adjacent to a massive venting pipe of some sort, and my friendgirl realizes that she can lay down for the show and still have a great view. For Melt Bannana, which I enjoyed last Sunday, the set list was mixed up but still interesting. Seeing what looked like some of the guys from Tool (Adam and Justin in the mask w/ broom) spraying what looked like popcorn/confetti up over and onto the drummer was great. It was hilarious even from our view outside of the atmosphere. The lead singing female acts like she is singing when the guitar player uses what sounds like a vocal effect on the strings, she also mimics falling asleep during what sounds like ambience/experimental sound. I love it. Idiots next to us boo'd them, and I pulled out my desert eagle and blew what little brains they had all over the surrounding crowd. We basically had a perfect side/overhead view of the bands and I decided that I wouldn't mind staying in our assigned area to watch the main show. I would have liked to have seen the sigils overtop the band displayed for the crowd in front of the stage, but I was content with what is projected down onto the stage, and the lasers, and the flat screens, and oh yeah, the band, which we have a full view of, especially Danny Carey. By the way... do you know what a sigil is ?!?

Tool's show was great as usual, it was harder to clearly hear it from where we were, but I enjoyed every minute of it with someone I care about. My favorite song was probably the short newer one's that they have been going through each show, especially right before Schism, where Adam divides the descending chords in half perfectly. All the others were great, and I was seriously pushed into an inspired state. I barely moved the entire show, so I could get my brain going. I was hoping for Right in Two, but know that the band doesn't give three fat brown fingers about what I was hoping for. It was the exact same show I saw a week ago, and I am extremely happy that I decided to go. Last night was the final time being present for a show put on by these guys. It was my fifth, and I have all I will ever need from Tool.

During the roaring applause at the end, my friendgirl turns and tells me we should all be hoarding around laboratories applauding and screaming "we love vaccines" and "cure...cure...cure...cure". Somewhere in a parallel universe this actually happens.

And now for our top story:

You push harder, you re-organize your life, you assess all your actions, you make daily changes, and yet you never actually progress. Sure, other people see your productivity increasing, and many folks will express disbelief at "how fast you're moving" -- but yet to you, nothing ever changes. It is never enough.

You Live in an Insane Asylum

Not a metaphor, not a joke, not poetry: a simple statement. The vast majority of human beings on this planet are out of their minds. They obey invsible monsters, they're infected with language viruses, and they're all willing to kill you over beliefs they don't even understand.


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