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Re: Fisting through the borderline

Originally Posted by Theodagoth
Tis true TOOL isn't some sick pervert band like so many out there. The difference between TOOL and everyone else is that TOOL's music actually means something. Everyone else just says empty words hoping to get rich and famous quick. It is true TOOL makes money but that is beside this point. The borderline symbolizes in my opinion breaking outside conformity using "anal fisting" and the title Stinkfist as a metophor for something totally absurd. I mean how many people do you know that like a hand up their ass? but you can name plenty of women that like a dick in the pussy which is what every normal person does. Sure this may make some subliminal innuendo, but true TOOL fans aren't stupid enough to be hypnotized by the sick metaphors they use. Those metaphors are there to attract your attention to what they are saying. If they were to sing about conformist, people would be like "ya like we haven't heard this before" but talking about it in terms of dirty sexual acts not normally done is sure to catch people's attention. On a side note, It is against the first amendment to force an artist to edit his music. I do not think i have ever seen an edited TOOL cd before have you people? And the radio stations shouldn't edit their music either, it hinders ones right to free speech, the U.S. government gets even worse, but thats not something i should go into.

i just bought undertow with the unedited artwork. i dont think the governament made tool change it, but some stores such as walmart refused to sell the album because of it.
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