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Not enough, I need more

Is it just me, or does this line seem to be reinforced many times throughout the video...I had a long drawn out explanation about this a few months ago, but now my point has dulled, but ill try to explain what it means, at least to me.

Its not enough, I need more. Nothing seems to satisfy, I dont want it, I just need it, to breathe, to feel, to know im alive.

It starts with the man and his tv. He seems to be addicted to it. He cant get enough of it, and has to have it, or else he feels like hes missing something.

He evntually tires of his tv, and ventures to the girl in the video. He offers her a gift, a piece of himself, for her acceptance. The girl eventually replaces the place of his tv, and he becomes addicted to her.

After awhile, the girl starts to lose her touch on him, and he spends more time with the mask and pipe thing, or the drug as i like to call it. This eventually takes the place of the girl, and she realizes it towards the end, so she starts using the drug.

The man tires of being addicted, and rips his skin off in an attempt to rid himself of all his addictions. But in doing so, he is slowly dooming himself, since he cannot live without his addictions.

He also seems to ignore the girl, after they've lost their skin of dust, when she attempts to get close to him, like when she puts her thumb inside his eyelid. She realizes that hes moved on to a new addiction, and she begins using the drug.

Much like a drug addict, the man couldnt get enough of his addictions, and no matter how much he used, he still didnt feel whole and complete. He wanted to quit, but he couldnt survive if he did. It was neccessary for his survival. And at the end of the video, it looks to me like he dies. I might be wrong though.
Now that i think about it, the whole thing seems to deal a lot with addictions and trying to overcome them. Of course, these are just my opions, and theyre probably very wrong, but thats how i feel. Please post your thoughts on the video
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