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Re: 2007/07/12 - Boston, MA - Tweeter Center

What a memorable moment - coming down from Pushit then hearing the first notes of Flood.

It was a great view from 3rd row center. Caught a water bottle from Maynard.

Lateralus with the drum-a-thon was amazing.

Rosetta Stoned is too vocally garbled/distorted and WFM & 10,000 Days is better experienced with headphones. These songs have great lasers/visuals, but next time around I hope they retire them and replace with full version Intension & Right in Two and Eulogy or Prison Sex.

Vicarious is not as strong a closing song as Aenema was. That song has such great live energy and ends on a strong note. Pushit would be a fucking amazing closing song. "It will end no other waaay!

We all have our own opinions and favorites and can dream about the ultimate setlist.

The sound, the fucked up people around us and the traffic may suck at times, but the whole musical experience of TOOL LIVE is always great.

Rock the fuck on Tool.